HITLER´S BATTLE AGAINST THE PRESS | tv-documentary | GER 2018 | doc.station / national geographic | 45´ | 1:1,78 | alexa & leica-r

As early as 1920, the journalists of the "Münchener Post" recognized the danger posed by Adolf Hitler. Consistently and boldly they wrote about National Socialism. The brave journalists and their newspaper are almost forgotten today. A single book has been published about them - in Brazil.

director: Ute Bönnen & Gerald Endres | producer: Jasmin Gravenhorst | production design: Stefanie Probst | costume design: Aenne Plaumann | gaffer: Malte Siepen | 1st AC: Max Meyer | editor: Christopher Kaps | colorist: Delfina Mayer | rental: Arri Rental Berlin

DokFest München 2018