ICH ICH ICH | feature film | GER | 2021| dffb | 85´ | 1:1,85 | arri amira & ultra

When Marie’s boyfriend proposes to her in front of his entire family, she doesn't know what to say and flees to the countryside to think it over alone. But her thoughts accompany her. They sit around her in flesh and blood: Her mother pesters her with baby names, exboyfriends climb down trees and a woman in a sari narrates her life in poems. Her would-be fiancé eventually joins her, clashing his own luggage of thoughts with hers. But what if you show your thoughts to each other? How much honesty can a relationship take?

director: Zora Rux | producer: Fred Burle, Leonie Minor, Roxana Richters | production design: Lena Winters | costume design: Kaya Kürten | makeup artist: Anne Wenzel | gaffer: Alexander Jung | 1st AC: Jonas Kolahdoozan, Christian Passeri, Sarah Vetter, Tim Strecker, Tim Kallweit, Dominik Bodammer | 2nd AC: Bruno Tormos | editor: Henning Stöve | colorist: Edmond Laccon | sound: Robert Hefter | rental: E-Sun Berlin & Arri Rental Berlin

Elisa Plüss | Thomas Fränzel | Sebastian Schneider | Lola Klamroth | Judith van der Werff | Henriette Confurius | Wenka von Mikulicz | Jörg Kleinau | Cornelia Heyse | Peter Miklusz | Jon Schnäcker | Valeska Rein | Laurenz Laufenberg | Valentin Erb | Thomas Prenn | Paul Rohlfs | Paul Lux | Pablo Grant | Romina Küper | Gina Stiebitz | Lara Catherine | Denise Ankel

Tapei Film Festival - International New Talent Competition