INVOCATION TO SLEEP | short fiction | GER / PL 2015 | dffb | 13´ | 1:1,85 | alexa & ultra primes

A night in a small polish village. Eight year old Kornel can´t fall asleep. For the first time in his life he´s confronted with a death in his family. At dawn he leaves the house to see if the world outside still exists and where the line between life and death is.

director: Ewa Wikieł | producer: Simon Lubinski | production design: Anna Lapinska | costume design: Patryk Kryślak | makeup artist: Jil La Monaca | steadicam: Adam Mendry | 1st AC: Dominik Bodammer | editor: Alan Zejer | colorist: Vera Jeske Younan & Malte Siepen | rental: E-Sun Berlin & Maddels Berlin

Dawid Kowalczuk | Bożena Kaczmarek | Zygmunt Nieściorak | Otylia Wikieł | Sławomir Wikieł

Motovun Film Festival 2015
Etiuda & Anima Festival Krakow 2015
Lubuskie Lato Filmowe 2016
14th Signs of the Night Festival Paris / Bangkok / Tucumán / Quito / Lisbon