MIDAS ODER DIE SCHWARZE LEINWAND | short | GER | ÖFilm | in postproduction | 1:1,66 | alexa & leica-r

Richard Green, CEO of an investment company which is involved in several scandals, is being confronted with a proposal by the board of management: For the sake of the companies image he should commit suicide. He looks for help but his friends and family let him down. An escape seems to be impossible. Green decides to agree to the proposal - and hesitates in the last moment. Based on the eponymous play by Friedrich Dürrenmatt, published by Diogenes Zürich.

director & producer: Hannah Dörr | production design: Hannah Dörr & Thomas Garvie | costume design: Waris Klampfer | makeup artist: Anissa Kholte | gaffer: Claudia Schröder & Florian Wurzer | 1st AC: Max Meyer

Georg Friedrich | Marc Hosemann | Lars Rudolph | Hendrik Arnst | Wieland Schönfelder | Lea Draeger | Kerstin Grassmann | Johannes Benecke | Julian Sark | Eduard Lind | Omid Tabari